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Barry Good

plays groove-oriented  vocal jazz and merges this style with elements of Hip Hop and Soul. Open arrangements make room for improvisation, communication and fun. 

After a period of intense concert tours (India, South-/Central America, Africa, Indonsia, Europe and the middle east) Lukas Schiemer explores new paths and links his music with social criticism and (environmental) political statement.

The ten tracks of the upcoming album “Sendezeit” (‚Airtime’ (Release on the 18th of Oct. 2019)) prove pointedly that jazz, spoken word and witty scripts are not mutually excluding but rather formidably complementary. While anticipating his airtime, BARRY GOOD talks about the perils of the art and consumer industry, of the plebs and other human beings and describes climate change from the moon’s perspective.

Order the new Album 'Sendezeit' here: HOANZL
The single ‚Die Agnosie‘ (Release: 3. of May 2019) and the debut album ‚And how are you?‘ are also available on ItunesAmazon, Spotify and other online platforms.

Line up:
Lukas Schiemer - reeds, vocals; Alois Eberl - trombone; Simon Raab - keys; Philipp Kienberger - bass; Marc Vogel - drums;


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