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Barry Good

plays groove-oriented  vocal jazz and merges this style with elements of Hip Hop and Soul. Open arrangements make room for improvisation, communication and fun. 

With original compositions and lyrically changed Jazz-Standards Barry Good arranges a kind of music which is meant to be interesting for both, young people and crazy, old jazz-fanatics. The lyrics diversify between English and German, social criticism and life style, arts and consumption.
The trained saxophone player Lukas Schiemer surprises with a richly coloured voice which allows stylistically everything between soft jazz and powerful soul.

The new Quintet is a group of exceptional, fascinating musicians which assures a superior and fascinating experience.

Debut Album on Itunes and Amazon.

Line up:
Lukas Schiemer - reeds, vocals; Alois Eberl - trombone; Simon Raab - keys; Philipp Kienberger - bass; Marc Vogel - drums;


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