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Performance and live-stream, virtual tour:

An artist pushes a strange wagon, loaded with various instruments through space. All you can hear are the wheels on the floor, sometimes a saxophone, sometimes a voice.
With earphones though you make a completely different acoustic experience. And it’s not important if you are in the same room, the same city or at the other end of the world.
The walking musician creates a live soundtrack for the moving picture which is filmed by a 360° camera, attached to the trolley. A QR-code, pinned on three sides of the trolley, leads curious people via smartphone to the active live-stream on a social media platform, where they suddenly appear to be part of an artistic performance.
The audience witnesses a musical, virtual tour and can even choose their individual perspective by dragging the image on their streaming device.

Duration: 5 - 30 minutes

Any visually appealing location suits for this concept. Whether a museum, a gallery, an architecturally engaging building or a remarkable historic center - most importantly it has a story to tell, willing to combine with music.


Two possible versions of a 4K video result from the performance.

Version 1:
The live stream is saved directly on the social media platform. With the resulting 360° video, the perspective of the camera can still be selected while viewing. This way, this video won't get boring even the fourth time, as the person watching can always choose new perspectives and discover new details.
Example video, filmed at the University of Applied Arts Vienna:

(Click and drag anywhere in the video screen to change the viewing direction.)

Version 2:
The 360° video is edited afterwards. The perspective and point of view of the viewer are (pre-)selected and determined according to interesting visual aspects. This creates a normal 4K video, which leads like a virtual tour through the scene.
Example video, filmed at the University of Applied Arts Vienna:

Musical details

Preparation and composition:
For each location is its own peculiar music created.
Parts of the compositional work have to be completed on the spot, so that the temporal and musical sequence can be adapted perfectly to the location characteristics.
For 10 minutes of video and music we calculate approximately 1 day on the spot.

The chosen workflow implies the repetition of harmonic, rhythmic and melodic patterns, which has a great impact on the musical result. Whether we choose Bach, experimental electronic music or jazz as musical foundation - stylistically mostly unlimited the contemporary interpretation is mainly influenced by its technical feasibility. 

Technical requirements

Most of the technical supplies such as for example a regular shopping trolley and elastic luggage straps are easily to find. The indispensable, basic requirements are:

- An excellent internet connection on the spot: It can be a strong WiFi network or any kind of mobile internet connection, which works with a Mac-Book-Pro (2019) via thunderbolt or usb C. Even a Hotspot via mobile phone is possible (Upload minimum: 15 mbps)

- Good lighting is a crucial factor for a nice 360° video. Sufficient daylight or strong artificial lighting are basics.

Detailed technical rider on demand.