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Wast - Wohin? Kein Platz für Idioten (Felix Mitterer)

Composition on request for the Luisenburger Festspiele 2012,  new production by Tiroler Volksschauspiele 2013.
Arrangements for stringquartet, partly with double bass and recorder. One Lullaby for piano and glockenspiel. (Trailer)

Example: "Wast Welt"

Play & Stop Button by Lukas Schiemer

Inkwave Frequency "Fremd" (2012)

Arrangements for flute, trombone/trumpet, alto-/soprano saxophone, guitar, double-/electric bass, percussion.
Debut 2012 in Werk, Vienna. New produced in september 2013 in Vorarlberg (Inkwave at schools). For this multimedia-performance was a illustrated book with audio-book produced, which still is waiting for a publisher. (Webseite)

Example: "Die Parade"

Play & Stop Button by Lukas Schiemer

Playing for Time (Arthur Miller)

Composition on request for the intercultural association Motif 2013.
Arrangements for choir, piano, cello, violin, 2 flutes, saz ensemble, bass- and snare drum, congas.
Because there doesn't exist any high quality recordings of the theatre music, you can listen to a example of the main piece 'Spiel uf Zitt', written in the german dialect of Vorarlberg, performed by a jazz-quartet. (Lukas Schiemer, voc, sopsax; Stephan Plecher, piano; Jakob Schell, bass; Erich Konlechner, drums;)

Example: "Spiel uf Zitt"

Play & Stop Button by Lukas Schiemer

Platz Da ! (2013)

Musical guidance at the Bmukk-project „Theater macht Schule“, a cooperation of the Landestheater Vorarlberg with the schools HLW and the HTL Rankweil. The theatre piece was written, staged and performed by pupils, the actors got dressed and the stage was built by pupils. The music was composed out of a process of open jamming in the group, got synchronized with the piece and was played live on stage by the musicians.
line up: flute, clarinet, vocals, piano, percussion.