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is a multimedia spectacle, which brings social and political topics with different medias as theatre, live-drawing, digital animation, live-music and literature on stage. The actual performance Fremd - of the 8 artists - is a fairy tale for children and adults. Criticizing society, it deals with xenophobia, prejudice and the miracles of curiosity.

In addition to the performance the collective produced a illustrated book with audio-book, which is still searching for a publisher. They also created a 2 hours workshop for schools, but that‘s in german anyway...

Line up: Benjamin Schiemer (Story Director, Guitar), S.R. Ayers (Traditional Art Director, Drawing), Lukas Schiemer (Music Director, Sax) Fabian Lang (Digital Art Director, Visual),  Bernd Ammann (Bass, Sound), Niklas Satanik (Percussion), Sara Zlanabittnig (Flute), Christoph Spanring (Trombone, Trumpet), Marisa Tiefenthaler (Costume Designs), Francisco Falcão aka FAKANO (Video)